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04May, 2012

dream on, dream until your dreams come true!

Posted by: kelsie


well after 2 shows this week, I’m declaring myself a rock star..haha.. really just being silly ’bout that :mrgreen: ¬†This week did give me a little glimpse of what life would be if I had this going on all the time. Right now, I’m so thankful for every opportunity that’s opened up for getting booked! It’s a challenge much bigger than what I expected.. but I think I’m getting the hang of it.. kinda.. sorta¬† ;-)

My musicians/bandmates have been beyond amazzzzzzzing. I’m so crazy blessed by them, I don’t know if I even have words to show my gratefulness. They are working SO hard.. practicing on their own and showing up prepared to tackle 4 hour rehearsals. We’re incorporating cover songs, which has been fun and challenging for me at least.. just cause I dig a song, doesn’t mean I can necessarily sing it. haha :D

Through this whole process I’m learning so much. I feel hopeful of whatever the future brings, knowing (cause you’ve told me!) that I’m inspiring you to pursue your own dreams!! so yes people “dream on, dream until your dreams come true”




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  1. Alan

    that is awesome, Kelsie. so proud that you’re pursuing and making headway. your title says it all :)

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