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20Aug, 2012

Amazing Opportunity!

Posted by: kelsie


Several weeks ago I stumbled upon an ad on craigslist.. which if you’ve used craigslist for anything you know it can be pretty hit or miss. I read an ad that stated that 2 students attending The Art Institute of Tennessee were looking for a band/artist so they could record a couple songs for their class project …at no cost!  I thought to myself this sounds very promising- considering how much money was spent on my debut project, to get a couple songs done for free- sounded amazzzzing!!!! So I contacted the guy that posted the ad, and he said he’d be in touch cause they had many people who were interested. Several days later I received an email saying that they picked me!! Wowwww!!!

9 Responses to “Amazing Opportunity!”

  1. Alan

    Go for it Kelsie. I so had a similar opportunity with someone from SAE but was too busy to take the person up on it. (kicks self in butt)

    • Kelsie

      Alan- my faithful blog commenter hehe :)

      Yes I did go for it!!! Had a full day in the studio yesterday- and go back in a couple weeks to wrap it up :D SOOOO excited!!!

  2. Stacie

    I am so happy for you. What an awesome opportunity! You are so beautiful and talented. Love your music and your videos. Keep living your dream!


  3. Mom

    This is fantastic news. What song(s) are you recording? Way to Keep it Going.

    Love Mom

  4. Aunt Maggie

    Way to go, kelsie!!! Keep up posted!!!

  5. Kelsie

    Thanks everyone for your love and support!!!! Mom watch the video on youtube- I announced the songs in the video called “EXTRA EXTRA- Watch all about it” :)

  6. Tim

    So proud of you, keeping chugging along . . .

  7. Paula W

    Way to go Girl! Can’t wait to hear it, see it, buy it! Persevere in hopeful patience! Blessings!!!

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