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20Sep, 2012

TAXI love (Part 1)

Posted by: kelsie


I’m a member of TAXI- a company that is the liaison between the independent artist (me!) and music supervisors for film, tv & labels. I pay a yearly fee to be a member so that I can receive ads that may fit my music being sent to these supervisors. I put myself and my dwindling music bank account into action and just a few weeks ago I had 3 songs forwarded!!! Which is a big deal!!!  I spent mostly all year getting my songs (submissions) rejected. So when I got 3 forwarded it felt SO amazing!! Not only were they forwarded but I received such encouraging feedback from the person who listened to my submissions. I just have to toot my own horn a bit, and say thanks to the musicians who helped create these tunes with me :) PS- CLICK THE PICTURE TO MAKE IT BIGGER SO YOU CAN ACTUALLY READ IT ;)


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