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01Dec, 2012

The start of something new

Posted by: kelsie


I have been wanting to get back in the studio for a bit now, hence why I took the opportunity a few months back for free studio time at the Art Institute. After that wrapped up, one of the students offered more studio time beginning in January. I was floored thinking this could be the start of my new project which I had this concept/vision of for over a year now!

So I eagerly brought the files from the Art Institute to my previous engineer  (Steve Dady) who helped produce my first project, “Sip. Swallow. Digest.” to make sure they were something we could work with one day. He got back to me, and expressed his opinion that the songs would make fine demos, but not something that I should consider releasing. You see, now that I have 1 album under my belt- I’ve created a sense of excellence, something that I have to keep up with by choice.  I can’t go backwards just because I got the chance for “FREE” . Steve understands that my money situation is tight due to being an independent artist, and has given me the chance to start something new!

Here’s what’s going down. Jason (who played piano and arranged the string orchestra on my 1st project) is willing to come in after hours to work with me on the foundation of each song. We’ll really be able to develop each song, because it’ll be a 1 on 1 kinda thing verses having all the other musicians in there too- which will help with the current cost. Paying one player versus paying 5 players is much more cost effective at this moment in time. So then over time, as I save more $, I can add the guitar, bass, drums ect.. and just build on it slow, still keeping the high quality of the sound recording but truly working with my budget ( or lack there of haha :-P )

Here’s the other cool thing- the amount of $ that I need to start is the same exact amount that my parents are gifting me for Christmas! Isn’t that so awesome?! The other amazing thing to note, is that the studio time that’s available is exactly 2 years from when I released “Sip. Swallow. Digest.”  Dec 10th, 2010. I’ll start the recording process Dec 10th, 2012! I don’t see these things as coincidence by any means, to me it’s confirmation that God is in this, and is ready for me to start something new!!

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  1. Karl

    Sounds like something big is coming to you, congratulations. I would love to buy your next album when it is ready. Lotta work, but it will be good!

    • kelsie

      Thank you Karl for your encouragement and support! I look forward to sharing these new songs with you! I’ll warn ya- it’s gonna be a while.. haha.. my 1st project from start to finish took 27 months! A lot of hard work, patience and support helped me complete it though…I’m sure round #2 will be a bit similar :)

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