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31Dec, 2012

and so it continues

Posted by: kelsie


Being in the studio with Steve and Jason again was amazing! I have some video clips to share with you, but I need to sit down to edit, and make ‘em look all cool LOL  8-)

We laid the foundation for 2 songs “Maggie” and “So long, farewell, good-bye” . After just a few hours, it was so exciting to see my ‘babies’ grow  :-D

After the session ended I mentioned to Steve to let me know when he had another evening spot open with Jason. He told me that WORD/Warner Music Group (the record label) will be in studio on January 2-so I can do something that night, since the instruments will be there already. Excitingly I said ‘yes, let’s book it” (not knowing when I was going to get the $ from.) A few weeks passed, and last week my job gave me a Christmas bonus that will cover it!


Thanks be to God for his amazing providing ways!!

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