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16Feb, 2013

a little overdue

Posted by: kelsie


I should’ve wrote this blog many, many weeks ago.. it didn’t happen, but here I am today.. yaya!¬† :lol:

So where did we leave off? Ah, yes… I received an amazing blessing the end of last year that gave me the opportunity to be back in the studio! That took place on Jan 2, 2013. It was very exciting to be back there so soon!! Jason played keys for the songs ” Run Out of Time” and ” Surround Me”. It’s absolutely thrilling to be working on new material with musicians who truly care about where I want to go as an artist. I’ve never felt so much peace about spending my hard earned money with Steve and his talented crew!

So that’s the studio update. It’s happening- slowly but surely. Steve joked around last time and said ” So should I save these files as 2015?” we all laughed. Let’s be honest, since my 1st album took 27 months from start to finish. It’ll be a Christmas miracle if I can cut any time off of that for round 2. So we’ll see what the future holds! I just feel so blessed to be at a peaceful and waiting place, watching God lead and provide for me on this crazy journey of music!

I really miss playing shows. The Nashville and surrounding area’s were a great way to start off at! It gave myself, and my gigging musicians a chance to get our feet wet with playing live. There’s a tremendous¬†amount of work involved, and I’m learning how to begin to tap into other areas to spread my music around. Just like recording the album, it’s a process to get booked, seen and heard! If you have any input I’m open to suggestions! It’s a learning process for this booking rookie too ;)

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and for supporting me in all the ways that you do! I have the most amazing fans!! :D

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  1. John A Vales


    It has been a long time since we talked, 30 y/o, what a baby LOL. Am very proud
    of you and glad things are going well. Please keep in touch.

    Sincerely John A Vales

  2. Mom

    Keep it going baby girl 30 ….

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